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k2item services analytics regressionDIGITALABS provides specialized testing as part of our Emerging & Advanced Technology Services (EATS)



DIGITALBS transfers powerful Analysis & Analytics specialized for Regression Testing to confirm recent program or code changes have not adversely affected existing features and functionality.


Features & Applications

  • Ensure Testing Consistency
  • Generate Test Inventories
  • Total Testing Management Visibility
  • Create Comprehensive Test Plans for New Releases or Projects
  • Automated to Execute Scheduled Tests, Same Tests for Different Environments or Generated Directly from Completed Acceptance Tests

What do our clients say?

DIGITALABS helped us select the right applications at the right time, and in the right places. Our team has never worked more efficiently with our tools; believe it or not, it's actually made a good deal of our daily tasks FUN!

Aaron Dunne @ Accounting Solutions


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