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k2item services analytics portabilityDIGITALABS provides specialized testing as part of our Emerging & Advanced Technology Services (EATS)



DIGITALBS transfers powerful Analysis & Analytics specialized for Portability Testing to provide testing of the ease with which an application can be recompiled for a different platform or moved from one environment to another. 


Features & Applications

  • Installability Testing: conducted on the software used to install other software on its target environment
  • Compatability Testing: the product’s capability to co-exist with other independent software products in a common environments sharing common resources
  • Adaptability Testing: the capability of the product to be adapted to different specified environments without applying actions or means other than those provided for this purpose for the system
  • Replaceability Testing: capability of the product to be used in place of another specified product for the same purpose in the same environment
  • OS Testing: Operating systems (including versions and service packs)
  • Browser Testing: Web Browsers (including both types and versions)

What do our clients say?

We received our money's worth and beyond working with ConsultED and their DIGITALABS team. This group is intelligent, dedicated to results and committed to success


Stephanie Lewter @ Sourcefire


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