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k2item services analytics performanceDIGITALABS provides specialized testing as part of our Emerging & Advanced Technology Services (EATS)



DIGITALBS transfers powerful Analysis & Analytics specialized for Performance Testing to provide. utilizes the latest advances in virtualization and cloud based technologies to deliver scalable load and performance testing for a variety of applications. These technologies combined with nResult expertise allow loads to be generated from a range of global sources including but not limited to:


Features & Applications

  • Web-based Systems
  • Intranets
  • CRM Applications
  • Custom Developed Applications

What do our clients say?

DIGITALABS helped us select the right applications at the right time, and in the right places. Our team has never worked more efficiently with our tools; believe it or not, it's actually made a good deal of our daily tasks FUN!

Aaron Dunne @ Accounting Solutions


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For a bespoke quote engineered to your specifications, CONTACT US for future-proofed technology analysis and analytics: Succinct. Secure. Sustainable.


Make sure your system meets your performance targets head on. How? Test, test, and test again!!

85 to 90% of systems fail because they're not properly tested. Failure can lead to lost revenues, bad press and much more.

What we performance test

What we find out

  • Response: how long people have to wait between actions.
  • Stability: if your system's functions work under varying loads.
  • Scalability: the amount of load your system can deal with. And how your system behaves under excessive load.

We will:

  • work with your people to find and fix performance problems
  • test using your infrastructure or our hosted solutions
  • transfer knowledge to your people, so your team know how to test in the future
  • tap into our relationships with major vendors, so you can find the best tools possible.

We test, so your customers don't have to.


nResult Load & Performance Testing


  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Dallas
  • NYC
  • Amsterdam

What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing as it applies to networks, websites and web-based applications involves load testing. Other performance testing for software and hardware involves benchmarking.

Load Testing

What is Load Testing?

Load testing is employed to determine if your system (application) and servers (website) are equipped to handle the network traffic anticipated at deployment, as well as increased network traffic in the future.

What is the purpose of Load Testing?

What happens when your server or web site is hit by a large number of users at the same time? Will it still function as intended? The basic purpose of executing load and performance testing for an application and/or website is to accomplish the following:

  • Measure the effects on user experience as total user load increases
  • Measure the average page response time at both average and maximum user loads
  • Quantify the upper limit of the hardware being accessed by the application to determine whether the current system is capable of handling the anticipated future loads

What will Load testing my application or website find?

  • Capacity of your current system
  • Router/firewall problems
  • A broken web server, application or database server
  • Load balancing problems
  • Bandwidth problems
  • Server capacity problems
  • Performance (average page response time) problems

How can nResult help you deliver products, websites and IT solutions that perform under stress?

nResult employs sophisticated load testing tools to put stress on your servers. Our performance engineering laboratory utilizes a blend of virtualization and cloud based technologies designed to deliver real world load in a variety of scenarios. This creates an enormous resource for companies wishing to develop large-scale systems, in particular, for companies that cannot afford or lack expertise in large-scale testing. Additionally the performance engineering lab is equipped with the latest in automated testing tools, allowing for the running of automated scripts and for the automated gathering of data for ultimate presentation. We will establish the maximum performance limits of your application, as well as uncover any unexpected problems that may occur during heavy usage.


What is Benchmarking?

A benchmark is a standard of excellence or achievement used to compare and measure similar products. It is a technique for identifying measurable successes of others and applying them to your own organization. The benchmarking process compares an organization’s practices, processes and outcomes to standards of excellence in a systematic way.

How can Benchmarking help prepare my product for optimal performance?

To gain insight into your application’s or hardware device’s behavior, you need to quantify what is frequently only subjective information. Benchmarking programs provide the ability to set acceptability standards based on real world comparisons and track performance against those standards through each new release. Benchmarking will help you accomplish the following:

  • Fine-tune your product and/or its operating environment
  • Optimize response time and resource usage
  • Verify marketing claims or set price points
  • Compare the performance of a product to a competing software or industry standard
  • Set and improve production standards
  • Identify areas of improvement opportunities

What will a Benchmark reveal about my products?

  • Performance issues
  • System limitations
  • Realistic comparison against known standards
  • Areas of improvement opportunities
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