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k2item services analytics competitiveDIGITALABS provides specialized testing as part of our Emerging & Advanced Technology Services (EATS)



DIGITALBS transfers powerful Analysis & Analytics specialized for Competitive Testing in gathering and analyzing information about your competitors, their practices, products, strengths and weaknesses and business trends in order to assess your position in the market and improve your products and marketing strategies.  In today’s market, you must know what your competitors are doing and what to do to stay ahead of the competition.

Many businesses believe they are providing a good product to their customers, but do not have reliable information showing how customers perceive their product or how it compares to the competition.  A Competitive Analysis performed by an unbiased third party is an invaluable tool because it can help you identify ways to attract new customers, as well as keep the ones you have.  Data is collected form a variety of online sources, hands-on testing, internal data, and other sources to provide a detailed view of how your application stacks up to the competition.


Features & Applications

  • Strength to Weakness Identification: How your product stacks up against the competition and in what areas they have an edge over your product and in what areas your product is superior
  • Competitor Identification: Verify who your primary and secondary competitors are
  • Improvement Identification: How and in what areas your product, processes, and practices must be improved to meet market demands or to stay ahead of the competition
  • Marketing Identification: What improvements you need to make in your marketing approach, and what features you want to highlight in a marketing campaign

What do our clients say?

We received our money's worth and beyond working with CONSULTED and their DIGITALABS team. This group is intelligent, dedicated to results and committed to success


Stephanie Lewter @ Sourcefire


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