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k2item services analytics cloudDIGITALABS provides specialized testing as part of our Emerging & Advanced Technology Services (EATS)



DIGITALBS transfers powerful Analysis & Analytics specialized for Cloud Testing with effective unlimited storage, quick availability of infrastructure with scalability, flexibility and availability of distributed testing environment to reduce the execution time of testing of large applications, leading to cost-effective solutions. The ability and cost to simulate web traffic for software testing purposes has been an inhibitor to overall web reliability. The low cost and accessibility of the cloud's extremely large computing resources provides the ability to replicate real world usage of these systems by geographically distributed users, executing wide varieties of user scenarios, at scales previously unattainable in traditional testing environments. Minimal start-up time along with quality assurance can be achieved by cloud testing.


Features & Applications

  • Stress Testing: determining ability of application to maintain a certain level of effectiveness beyond breaking point
  • Load Testing: creation of heavy user traffic, and measuring its response
  • Performance Testing: testing performance under a particular workload to determine thresholds, bottlenecks & limitations
  • Functional Testing: verification against specifications or system requirements of both internet and non-internet applications
  • Compatability Testing: on-demand instances of variant Operating Systems 
  • Browser Performance Testing: automated website testing verify for the application's support for various browser types and performance in each type
  • Latency Testing: measure the latency between the action and the corresponding response for any application after deploying it on cloud

What do our clients say?

We received our money's worth and beyond working with CONSULTED and their DIGITALABS team. This group is intelligent, dedicated to results and committed to success


Stephanie Lewter @ Sourcefire


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