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22 January 2014
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Sourcing Up Open Source with Launch of Öppet Labb


news releases opett-labbs main-imageSourcing Up Open Source  DIGITALABS launches Öppet Labb!

BUILDING IT: Öppet Labb Developed as Dedicated Open Source Virtualization Lab

In support and furtherance of the Open Source premise established by CONSULTED towards "Building IT" for the demands of a global, mobilized workforce, DIGITALABS is implementing a dedicated environment and highly specialized development team as a virtualized laboratory.  Öppet Labb will focus on testing open source technologies and virtualized architectures.  

Öppet Labb provides several advantages compared to existing models:

automated, re-usable virtualization environments; 

built for extremely High Availability and Resiliency;

affords Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Test Execution;

Service Simulation modeling for beneficial, believable results.

Automated, Repeatable Virtualized Environments

The commitment of the Öppet Labb mission is towards re-usable testing environments, performing faster than other cloud enviros at a lower cost and with results best aligned for actual enterprise production architectures. The fundamental requirements to enable such a lab are firstly, a uniquely talented set of individuals as a fully dedicated team of Analysts ("Labb Rrats"), and a cognizance for relevant technologies that dually serve in creating an evolving virtualization lab for virtualization testing.

news releases opett-labbs labb-rrats

Öppet Labb will uniquely design and development from an entirely Open Community of Programmers and Developers; within from DIGITALABS' own analysts as well as an external consortium of global experts and advisors.  Two teams will develop and evolve separate virtualization labs for Open Source (åpen lab team) and cloud virtualization/OpenStack (qhib lab team).

Öppet Labb is now the driving force behind all open source and virtualization testing performed by DIGITALABS for CONSULTED.


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