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10 February 2013
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k2items news botn 01Let's get Visual, let me See your Data Talk!  DIGITALABS  is Empowering Information with Tableau Public

Tableau Public and Overview of VizQL

In support and furtherance of the goals established by Tableau Software "to improve public information, on the public web, for the public good", DIGITALABS has implemented dedicated use of Tableau Public for our company web publications. Utilizing the revolutionary technology behind Tableau Public called VizQL, a visual query language, we seek to visualize our data into pleasing representation and useful interpretation of numerical fact(s).

VizQL provides several advantages compared to existing methods for visualizing data:

VizQL is a computer language for describing tables, graphs, charts, maps, time series, tables of visualizations and dashboards. It unifies all of these different visual representations into a simple language.

VizQL statements define the mapping from records returned from a dataset or database to marks on a visualization (drawing primitives). Some fields in the record are mapped to the geometric properties of the mark, including position, size and orientation; other fields are reflected in visual attributes like color and pattern.

VizQL is a declarative language. The advantage of a declarative language is that the user describes “what” picture should be created, not “how” to make it. Even better, a declarative approach lets people build up amazing visualizations incrementally, in a process of stepwise refinement.

VizQL is high performance. It scales to extremely large datasets.

Let's get Visual, let me See your Data talk!

We've committed to enliven our data to be as fun and accessible as rich media content with Tableau Public, a beautiful alternative to obsolete tools.  An example here is a compilation of sites (updated monthly) delivered by Tableau Public containing hundreds of different datasets that you can get for free.  If you are searching for a particular type of data, use the filter at the top right hand corner to narrow down your search. Otherwise, just click on a bar to link out to the data itself. The bars themselves represent how easy each sites data is to use in Tableau - higher is better!

Tableau Public (and Tableau Software) is now the driving force behind all analytics and data visualizations performed by DIGITALABS for CONSULTED's "Back of the Napkin" series, comparatively exploring the leading SaaS applications in each market sector.

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