John Wooten


k2item meet-the-team wooten-johnJohn is a Principle Founder and Managing Director of DIGITALABS. Providing management oversight and advisory services, he is an astute technologist with broad market experience and expertise for leading technology deployed for enterprise, government, residential and the individual.

John is a self-made technologist empassioned by the potential of technology for businesses, the modern residence, the individual and the global environments of Government, Economies and Planet.



Work Experience

Work has taught John a lot about work! For 20 years he has excelled in recognition, assessment and implementation of workable technology solutions for the organizations employing him, as well as the global clients of those businesses. John was directly addressing the unique technology considerations of global business and economies well before such terms were commonplace; working globally is how he has been working for over two decades. Providing the proper tools to organizations and knowledge workers is absolutely paramount to ultimate business success or in managing your personal digital assets.


I have an insatiable obsession for empowering governments, organizations and the individual with smarter, faster, safer.


Crucial Facts about John

Highly advanced technologist, author, community builder and executive leader. His technical comprehension and expertise in emergent technologies derives from actual, literal, real-world problem-solving. John maintains strategic mastery of, but in no way limted to:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data (BD), High-Performance Super Computing (HPSC) & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain, Hashgraph & HyperLedger Technologies
  • Cloud, Edge, Fog & Serverless Computing
  • Cybersecurity, Governance & Compliance
  • Docker™ & Container Technologies
  • Open Source Technologies
  • OpenStack™
  • Virtualization Technologies

Profiles in Computing

As leading advocate for Internet Profiles balancing Public with Privacy, John maintains the following primary Social Profiles as Business and Personal:


300 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20001.