Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Purpose of the DIGITALABS Website?


DIGITALABS, as represented here on the World Wide Web, is intended as a comprehensive resource of information with analysis and analytical solutions offerings pertaining to digital technology for Enterprise, Government, Residential and Personal use. This site was built, and is maintained, by persons who are incessantly intrigued by, believe in and are fully committed to digital technology within our own MANIFESTECHNO.  This DIGITALABS web presence is not intended for public access to our Services and Solutions, but rather contractually only as a screened client as recipient of said Services and Solutions; site registration and access to content therefore is only provided to our clients. This DIGITALABS web presence does, however, attempt to proffer and promote a degree of unique and compelling content involving the ever progressing digital technologies that evolves and alters our human experience, and existence. The hope for our Visitors, Guests and Members here is to Engage and Encourage, Empassion and Embrace, and seek our professional services where and when appropriate.

For information on DIGITALABS as a business organization, please reference "About Us" via the DIGITALABS HOMEPAGE. 

Q: May We Employ the Business Services of DIGITALABS?


CERTAINLY.  When your looking to capture lightning in a bottle, make your own lightning! DIGITALABS has served the unique business needs of commercial enterprise, governmental agencies, non-profits, residences and individuals for global competitive advantage for many years.  Our Sister Companies, our Services and our Strategic Alliances are aggressively designed to provide "future-proof" technological advantage to Enterprise, Government, Homes, Individuals and Society.

WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS!  DIGITALABS takes ultimate CARE and PRIDE in delivering the most economically viable, environmentally superior technology solutions available on earth (and, if left to brag, available anywhere in the cosmos!).

CONTACT US to Employ our Technology Services today; to BE #1, you have to be WITH #1!!!

Q: What is the Purpose and Function of CONSULTED?


CONSULTED was developed from the business need and necessity for sophisticated advisory services within quality review, analysis, implementation, adoption and support of complex, advanced and emerging technologies.  Commercial Enterprise, Governmental Agencies, Non-Profits, Modern Residences and Individuals alike contractually engage CONSULTED in order to assess and procure the very best Technologies to support their unique information management needs and requirements, both for today and for tomorrow.  It is not a consulting firm but rather a literal extension of your business or person as an ongoing Partner in your ultimate successes, assessing and driving technology innovation into secure, compliant and measurable business and personal results.

CONSULTED exists as an invaluable advisor, implementor and supporter for technology decisions for global advantage in today's intensely competitive markets.

Q: May I Create and Publish My Own Content on this Website?


NO.  While the site does attempt at maintaining useful, pertinent information, the DIGITALABS web presence is not intended as an open, public web forum.

Q: May I become a Registered Member of this Website?


PERHAPS. Site access is limited only to actual clients of DIGITALABS and/or our related parallel ventures (CONSULTED; ÖPPENSOURCED; DIGITALGIGS) requiring DIGITALABS Services and Solutions, and having passed our stringent Security screening.  Once an actual client of said companies, a simple, fast and secure registration process is all that is required to become a Registered Member of this site. 

Please reference related FAQs on how to become a Registered Member.

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