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DIGITALABS is a wholly owned subsidiary of CONSULTED LLC and globally headquartered in Washington, DC (US).

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DIGITALABS serves to complete the TOTAL Information Management of Enterprise, Governmental, Residential and Personal in symbiosis with our Sister Organizations:


At DIGITALABS, technology testing is a lot more than just rankings and ratings, it is about functional ideas for business that empower your knowledge capital. Our Technology Analysts are field-tested technology experts across all business sectors: information technology, telecommunications, financial services, law, retail, manufacturing, education, governmental agenices and emerging markets. 


Today's technology needs are a moving target: future-proofing your selection of applications is much more than proper assessment and selection against a budget's bottom line; it IS the bottom line.  As opposed to focusing merely on the system, a large part of our competitive differentiation stems from our team's focus on the User combined with keen ability to discern extended functionality for empowerment of both the user and the organization.  

From Cloud-computing to Mobile Applications, from Social Networks to Customer Relationship Management systems, DIGITALABS delivers technology choices that benefit the business, not business burdened by their systems.

OUR COMMITMENT: Succint, Secure & Sustainable

Delivering solutions for clean-tech economies, we are determined within the pursuit of economically viable, environmentally superior technologies for sustainability in Enterprise, Government, Residences and the Individual.

SUCCINCT:  Direct-fitting, Future-Proofed Technology Advisement

SECURE:  Safe and Compliant Implementation and Usage  

SUSTAINABLE:  Defensibile, Supportable and Maintable Systems, Economies and Societies

We were challenged with needing to select multiple applications that had to be cross-function between several departments. DIGITALABS more than solved this dilemma by not only providing us the best systems, but showing us how those same tools could further extend their use, and ROI, much deeper into our business.  DIGITALABS in our experience is a lot more than technology-testing, they actually brought that technology to functional life within our business.

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Our Mission is Critical

k2item about-us criticalTechnology selection is mission-critical in today's digital climate. Our mission is in making the selection process efficient and effective, just like you and your business needs to be. We provide advanced technology solutions for advanced technologists in an era of highly evolved and evolving technology.


Our Measurements are Essential

k2item about-us essentialTechnology analysis and selection simply cannot miss their mark. Our measurements and analytics are well ahead of the market's learning curve, because they absolutely have to be.  We deliver essential, accurate measurement of all technologies, from the highly-advanced to the commonly-used.


Our Methods are Sustainable

k2item about-us sustainableRedundancies and unneccessary expenditures have no business in business. Our methods intend on eliminating repetitive processes, inaccuracies and wasteful byproducts. We extend sustainable solutions, future-proofed for government, business, the home and the individual.  Resultantly, everyone on the Planet, and the Planet itself, serves to benefit.

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